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Other Insurance

Insurance is a powerful tool. It is designed to help you deal with a financial loss associated with an accident or other insurable events, making it easier for you to recoup from loss, recover and move. Whether your need is for auto insurance to provide assistance in the event of property damage or personal injury or life insurance to protect the lifestyle of your loved ones in the event of death. Understanding your South Carolina insurance needs is easy to accomplish when you speak with one of the licensed and independent insurance agents of the Grayson Thomas Agency.

Here's a look at some of the other insurance coverages (besides life and auto) that you may need to consider. Your independent agent representing the Grayson Thomas Agency can discuss these and other options available to you in order to meet all of your insurance needs.

Motorcycle, RV and Mobile Home and Other Insurance

If you own a trailer, motorhome, motorcycle or recreational vehicle, you need to determine what type of coverage you need to meet South Carolina requirements. For example, trailers must have liability insurance in place, no matter if the vehicle is in use or not. Talking to your independent insurance agent can help you understand how to obtain the proper legal limit amount.

Meeting Financial Needs

You may have life insurance in place through your employer or an individual plan you purchased your own. Do you know about other types of insurance coverages that you may want to have to protect your assets or income? It is important to consider insurance protection such as long-term care, which provides a benefit in the event that you are unable to care for yourself. During your working years, the likelihood of becoming disabled is greater than death. Disability insurance should be something to consider to protect your income while disabled.

Contact one of the insurance professionals representing the Grayson Thomas Agency today and have that all important discussion about your other insurance needs. Your Grayson Thomas Agency professional can explain the requirements for the South Carolina insurance coverages you need and provide you with an affordable quote from multiple insurers. Take action today to secure your future and protect against financial loss.

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