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Commercial Insurance

Grayson Thomas Agency in South Carolina understands how important insurance is to your business. Each business is unique, and we have solutions to help protect your business investments. No matter what business you're in, retail, manufacturing, construction, we will help you explore the commercial insurance policy options to fit your needs best at competitive rates.

We offer a variety of business plans that allow us to provide insurance to your unique business. Commercial property and general liability coverage options will vary depending on the type and size of your business. There are different policies you may need, such as commercial automobile, fire, general liability, contractor’s equipment, and commercial umbrella policies.

You will want to consider commercial automobile insurance if you have a fleet of vehicles or a small landscaping business. We can customize this policy to meet your needs. The Commercial fire coverage is typically for those commercial properties in rural areas, and it will cover the property outlined in the policy. Speak with one of our professional independent agents to explore the need for this coverage.

Contractor’s equipment coverage is essential if your business uses equipment, such as bulldozers, forklifts, or even lawn mowers. The commercial general liability policy is usually used to provide general liability for properties on the commercial fire policy, and will provide liability coverage for the premise operations exclusively.

Commercial umbrella coverage can exceed the limits of other policies and may be the primary source of coverage for things not covered under other insurance policies. An umbrella policy is the extra coverage you want to help provide protection for your company’s assets.

No matter what business you’re in, the Grayson Thomas Agency in South Carolina is here to help you determine the best coverage options at the most cost effective rates. Your company’s protection matters to us. Don't wait, contact one of our experienced and friendly agents to discuss your business needs today.

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